Arvin D. Pfefer - Senior Advisor
Arvins Background
Arvin D. Pfefer served for over 2 years during the Korean War in the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant in the Adjutant General Corp. Shortly after being discharged, he became affiliated with Prudential Insurance Company as a Special Agent. Arvin retired from Prudential after 50 years of service and has since been brokering independently and continues to specialize in long term care insurance.

Over the 56 years that Arvin has been in the insurance business, he has had one simple principal: There are three parties to an insurance arrangement: The insured, the company and the agent. It has always been Arvin’s desire that ALL THREE BENEFIT EQUALLY.

Top Right Photo taken the year Arvin and his brother, Bernard, received their KS & MO insurance license

Bottom Left We have changed with the times since 1963, but one thing remains the same, our pledge to provide you with Long Term Care Insurance coverage that benefits you, the client.
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Arvins Background
Arvin provides a two (2) hour meeting with both spouses at his office by appointment. No insurance purchase will be allowed at this meeting since Arvin feels it is very important for those considering long term care insurance to study the different plans available and to select a plan that meets their feelings/philosophy and budget on this purchase.

Arvin will provide them with a print out showing the cost and benefits of 30 different programs plus a substantial amount of literature. This material will very clearly help them decide if they should purchase long term care insurance. Also, there will be an extensive discussion of the Kansas and Missouri Partnership Plans at absolutely no cost.

Not everyone needs to purchase long term care insurance. Come meet with Arvin to find out for yourself.